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Originally Posted by frognot
What have y'all injectin' folks been injectin' in that brrisket that y'all like best?
Jim Minion's post gives an excellent answer for that question.

In addition:
I (we) have been using FAB B with Beef Broth for the liquid portion.
Full, rich, natural beef tasting results.
David has some new thoughts that we will be using in the future, but this works fine for now.
A lot of folks use their rub (if it does not have large spice peices in it) cut with broth, water, AJ, Fruit Juices, Carbonated Juices, etc, etc.

FAB P works fine also for pork. All of the above variations are also used with success on pork.

Lots of ways to either enhance or modify the flavor as you desire.
Also adding lots of moisture where it does the most good.

Just some thoughts!

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