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In SD you can get a Limited Item Food license that allows you to sell only a select few items, usually ice cream, popcorn, hotdogs, coffee, pop and candy, and items like that. For full service all you need is a 3 compartment sink- any size will do. I have seen some realy small ones like you see in a small camper. I fresh water supply- can be as simple as a water tank or a garden hose. And a place for the waste water to go- another tank.

As far as a commercial refrigerator, all you need is an accurate thermometer in your fridge or freezer- you can pick them up for as little as $3. The ones with the temp reading on the outside are nice but not neccessary.

Usually you need a handwash sink but a small wash pan with a water jug over it will meet code.

I don't recomend going this way. If you are going to do it , do it right. Or as best you can with what you can afford. Food saftey is the number one priority when selling to the public.
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