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Since the time between 40-140 is cummulative we had a rule for leftovers (or dishes made from leftovers) at the restaurant of reheating one time and then out it goes. For example, if we had roast beef leftover today we'd do "pot roast" or grind it for stuffed peppers and we'd serve it at lunch and then out all the remaining stuff would go...this is one rule we didn't cheat on. Same with leftover chicken - we'd make pot pies, casseroles, or such and server at noon and then toss any remaining.

We didn't hold soups over - even veggie - we'd make them fresh each day.

We always shot for 165 or better on the reheating and get it done as quickly as possible.

At home I reheat brisket, pork, and chicken (ribs too) by putting them in a covered pan and putting them in a 325 or so oven for 30-45 minutes until hot. Occassionally we'll use the microwave but I think the meat keeps it's moisture better by reheating in the oven.
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