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Default The answer to this question is 2.

It is an awful thing to think that someone got ill because of something they ate that you cooked.
There are numerous possibilities as to why they got sick.
You may have contaminated the food in a number of ways.
There is a remote possibility that both people are allergic to something in your recipe. But not likely.
The fact remains that two people are ill, and this has now been reported as a foodborne illness outbreak. You will be visited at the very least by your local health dept. Who will then try to find out what you did or did not do to make people ill.

You might meet the whole alphabet soup gang. CDC, AMA.... God only knows who.

If they can find it, corrective measures will have to be taken.
If they cannot find it, you most likely will be shut down until they can.

And even worse yet, if the media gets it, two people sick will be repoted as an outbreak, and everyone will think you poisoned the whole world.

And God help you if they died.....

This is just the tip of the iceberg as to why safe food handling practices are necessary and are law.

(Class, you may now discuss amongst yourselves or ask questions)

Tomorrows lesson: Types of contamination
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