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Originally Posted by QansasjayhawQ View Post
Ah! But the topic is drummies! That would have to be one heckuva teeny tiny drummie to fit through the EBO's slot!

No wonder Neil has q's 'bout full-sized cookin'!

So, if the EBO is the tool that Neil knows best . . .
No drummy, but take the flat wing like you get at a wings restraunt. Bet that would slide in. Tent up some sides on that foil so you can keep some moisture on it, a little glaze would help. I'd use a hickory chip, maybe some app...

Wait...are we actually having a conversation about continuing this EBO insanity.

Yeah...I know the EBO. I dare a single other brother to even try and say with a straight face that they have made edible, no darn good, BBQ with a freakin' LIGHT BULB...

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