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I think $10/family sounds very reasonable. We usually do a few "get-togethers" during the year as a pot luck. We ask people to bring a side dish. This works out well because people like to show off a bit and I also like seeing what other people bring. In actuality, we don't need the extra food as we usually have enough to feed twice as many as we invited. One thing that is inexpensive and is always as big hit (and easy to cook) are fatties. I used to slice a few of these up for appetizers. We don't do this anymore as it turned out that sometimes people eat just these and are too full for anything else. You never know how much people will eat. People here figure 1/3 - 1/2 lb meat per person cooked weight. I usually figure about 1 1/2 lbs per person, although I once did 3lbs of steak and porkchops per person for a small gathering and we cleared it out. A friend of ours just had a little party for her family and a few friends for her sons first birthday in which she cooked 100 pounds of meat and 60 pounds of chicken for about 60 people and they ate everything. I depends on a lot of factors, especially how much fun people are having.
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