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Originally Posted by Divemaster View Post
Thank you Phil. There are times we forget how we started and all of the growing pains we have already gone through.

I remember when we hit 5,000 members and couldn't figure out how we could get much larger. We now know that it's all because of that dang UDS thread!

Thank you also for the slight shove back to why I started here... It was QTalk... I'll be back there soon, trying to help out anyone I can... Remember, with me, you'll always get an answer, it may not be the right answer but you'll get an answer...
Much like Dive says, I need to look back. I posted a pic of every piece of meat, or anything that resembled meat in my first couple of years. After the nasty winter we had, I feel new again, like a rookie smoker. This place is the best. It's true I don't recognize some names, but I'm getting better. This is still our home, so let's not chit on the carpet.

Big fuzzy blue reacharounds to you, Phil!
"Bring it on, you bananna thong wearing killer of brisket!"-Chambers

If you really care about this place, you'll show some respect for it.

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