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Originally Posted by Cat797 View Post
Thanks thirdeye........It's definitely low-key. It's a BYOB type of event. I would say most will be in their 30's or 40's. I was thinking 50% yield, ending up with 60lbs. of PP, and probably 120 chicken breasts. That to go along with 200 tamales......

In my head was thinking 8oz per person, which I know is a little heavy, but gives a cushion.

8oz is a lot, but if that's what you're shooting for, then your numbers are way off. 1/4 Lb is 4 ounces, 1/2Lb is 8 ounces. If you're looking at 250 portions of 1/2Lb, then you'd need 125Lbs of finished product, which puts you at 250Lbs of raw pork butts.

As a note there's a lot of food on that menu already, so 1/4Lb (or 4 ounces per person) will definitely be enough food. I always aim for a 50% yield, so I'd go 125Lbs raw meat. What are you cooking on? That's going to put you at about 16-20 pork butts (assuming 6-8Lbs each).

Baked beans are something that people tend to "love or hate" in my experience, and I think you'll find that probably 50% of the guests won't want them. It's a side item so I usually go with a 3oz serving spoon for portion control. Lets say all 250 people want beans that puts you at about 45Lbs of beans. Those large "Baked Beans cans" at Sam's Club are 7.5 Lbs, so you'd need 6 of those if you wanted to use those beans and "doctor them up" for your specific recipe. I run a BBQ food truck and I make my own baked beans from Navy beans, and that takes roughly 24 hours to make enough to serve ~100 people. If I had to do 250 people I'd just buy the Bush's Baked Beans, strain and rinse, and then add my own stuff to make the beans taste the way I want them to.

I have best luck when doing chicken thighs as opposed to chicken breasts. Chicken breasts cook up well, but if you don't get every one of them just right they can end up a bit dry and chewy. Not to mention you'll be hot-holding them (or are you grilling them on site as people come by?), and in my experience breasts dry out during hot hold. Chicken thighs are cheaper and they have more moisture, and they hot-hold way better than breasts. Boneless, skinless thighs are so easy to smoke and they soak up rub and pack a ton of flavor. You can pull them, chop them, or serve them whole and it's a good eat either way. Just something to consider. Again, 1/4Lb per person is what you should shoot for, and chicken is usually about an 80% yield (in my experience). So I'd shoot for roughly 80Lbs of raw chicken.

I hope this helped to flush out your numbers a bit better. Some good advice already in this thread...having the meat at the end is a great idea. If I were you I'd personally do the serving on my product at the wedding...buffet style is a recipe for disaster. People tend to take way too large portions and end up tossing quite a bit of food in the trash.
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