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Originally Posted by mchar69 View Post
$35 a slab only, John. You will get far fewer clients,
but profitable ones. Just lay it on the line with the clients.

$25 a slab is almost always a losing proposition - that's why restaurants have drinks.
And sides. Like a pack of gum at checkout is a buck - 90 profit margin.

I'd recommend expanding your Rub network for income,
There are now more home cooks than ever.
Do some You Tube vids with your rubs. We'll help!

If you need investors, I'm sure this board could help.

Yíall are helping now!

$35/rack is more than Iíd pay for a rack...of pork ribs.
I may pivot and take some advice given in here and do a Rib and Wing special...

Iíll have to think that out.

The rub Biz is what allows me to think about this as a possibility.

We already have a certified kitchen we built out for the rub biz. Itís not certified to cook anything though.
Here is rural Ohio itís not that difficult to get a concession kitchen certified with them cooking meats out of a traditional smoker (several in our area do just that)

Iíll get the HD involved to confirm before we actually do anything, but Iíd like to have a plan when I go down that road.

I said all that to say this...
Our overhead is mostly already being paid, both biz would share kitchen thatís in place.

Thatís why I want to keep it very simple.
I also plan on very limited opening hours, to fit my schedule without having to go out and hire help.

This is a retirement hobby, i donít plan on making a ton of cash, but Iíd rather not break even or lose cash either.
If Iím gonna do it, at the end of the day I want to say it was worth it
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