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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Wyoming has one of the most relaxed set of regulations for cooking and serving food at what are referred to as "traditional events" which are weddings, birthdays, funerals, picnics, pot lucks, charity fundraisers or business sponsored events. There are no inspections, no permits, no labeling and foods can be cooked in a home kitchen. However..... the one stipulation is that guests are non-paying, meaning the event is not for profit. If the same event was catered by a business, they have to have all permits, approved facilities etc.

It is okay to pay someone to rent their cooker, furnish charcoal or wood, or to provide the actual labor for cooking. About the farthest I've seen this stretched is a guy that smokes butts, turkeys or ribs over a weekend for a group of "friends". The food is treated as a group purchase ahead of time, like 2-cases of ribs at the market price. So no money is exchanged for cooked food, and there is no mark-up on the meat.

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