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Originally Posted by toys4dlr View Post
A presell situation will insure you exactly how much product you need for the given day. Given this covid crap, that might be the future. I was buying 2.75lb down pre Trimmed st. louis spares and they were about 8 bucks a rack raw. The Flux in weekly prices was the difficult part, as your established sales price are inelastic to the change of your meat prices. Wings are also more expensive than most people think. For my Smoke-Fried wings I used the 4-8 count wings, basically the biggest you could buy. It came out to about .35 to .40 cents a wing raw. They were great and people loved them, but again not as good of margins as my pork.

$8/rack with an average of 8 bones per rack, that works out to $1/bone raw cost just for meat...
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