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Originally Posted by poorolddan View Post
First, it doesn't cost anything to have another agent review your operation and provide a coverage package and price quote. I kept my tow veh separate because it was used as a business vehicle for another operation 90% of the time and was well covered as such. Combining the vending and catering coverage was the only way to have seamless coverage at the best price. The Inland Marine part of the package covered the trailer, equipment (on & off the trailer), food inventory and cash for about everything they needed coverage for and at replacement cost. The liability part covered claims made including for products and completed operations. If everyone helping was either part of the LLC or close family the Work Comp wouldn't be needed or could be added as an expensive option. Your kitchen and equipment would be added as well. Reviewing the plan frequently isn't a bad idea if things keep changing to avoid any gaps. It's part of doing business. Good luck!

I'm a little confused about the Inland Marine insurance.
Is that an insurance company or a type of Insurance that a company provides for you?

Thank you for helping me!
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