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Default The three compartment sink

A three compartment sink is required for proper washing of pots, pans, plates, utensils etc.
Sink one must be used for washing.
Sink two for rinsing.
Sink three for sanitizing.

Sanitizing may be accomplished with the following chemicals:
50 ppm Chlorine or
12.5 ppm iodine or
200 ppm Quaternary ammonium.

Plain hot water may also be used.
Question what is the minimum temp and time required for sanitization using plain hot water?
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The minimum temp and time is 171 for 30 sec.

Also remember, that all sinks in a food establishment must have an air gap. Esscentially what this means is that the drains cannot connect directly to the exit plumbing. The plumbing from the sink must exit over a floor sink. This is just that, a small sink in the floor.
This way if the sewage system should ever backup it would run onto the floor, and not up into the sinks.

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