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Default Staphylococcus Bacteria *Complete*

Staphylococcus is a bacteria that is found on skin, infected skin, hair, noses and mouths.
This is a toxin producing bacteria.
Which means once food is contaminated by the bacteria, the bacteria then produce toxins.
These toxins cause Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, cramps and prostration. Fortunately this toxin is rarely fatal.

Unfortunately, once this toxin has infected food, it cannot be destroyed by heat, cooking, or reheating.

The question is: What percent of the population carries this bacteria?

__________________________________________________ ____________________

The answer is: 50-75%

It appears that almost all of us carry staph.
The only things you can do to prevent contaminating food with staph. Is to NEVER touch your eyes, face or nose when handling food.
If you do, stop and scrub up!
Of course, sneezing and coughing are equally as bad.

Remember, This bacteria produces a toxin that cannot be destroyed by cooking or heating.
There is no way to just look at food and determine if it has been infected by such a bacteria.

Almost invaribly when prepping or cooking, that facial itch or bead of sweat will call for you to attend it.

Hint: Nothing wrong with raising your arm and using the shoulder or shirt sleeve in an emergency.

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