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A couple of months ago, I heard that one of our guests got sick the next day after I had a BBQ party. I was really concerned untill I found out that the reason for the illness was not the food, but the mass quantities of beer inbibed by the person.

It was a "heads up" for me though because I initially wondered what I had done to contaminate the food that was served. After that, I became even more careful when handling food.

I recently cooked briskets for our elemetary school carnival. I was in charge of the chopped beef sandwiches preparation and serving. I was on the first shift of servers and used gloves to make them. I was careful to not touch the money or "carnival food tickets" from the customers. The next few workers would wear gloves but would make take money, change and touch the tickets. I cautioned everyone to allow one person to handle the receipts and the others to stay clean. As far as I know, no one got sick...
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