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In Maine: I had a meeting with the local Health inspector. I told her that I did not wish to use my home for making sauces because, my water is not great and 6 dogs.

I gave her a plan showed her where I would be doing it. She was okay with every thing. She understands that I will be selling sauces, under $50,000 gross, less than 10 employees, will sell at farmers markets, online etc.

I am building a kitchen at building I own and run my small const company from. The sauces need to be below a PH of 4.6 and must be tested on each batch and recorded.

My kithcen is in line with commercial type assembley but she said I was going way over what is needed. But she liked what I am doing. I had to have the water tested and the septic needed to have the code enforcement officer approve for the added use and type use. Right now I have done those. Labling will need to be modified a bit but she will help with that. I do not nutritional yet or a PC code yet. (hopefully in the near future.. I do need to have shelf life tested and something else. Also needed to have the PH tested and submiting the recipe and process, cooking and bottling. Both passed.

Anyway, the license is for making foods in your home or on a small scale.

Reason I ask, There are a couple small resturaunts that may be interested, once I am up and running. I am only going to do small batches and only have three sauces and two rubs right now.

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