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prolly the biggest issue with all this is the cooling side of it. Heating up is easy.. If its precooked, take it past 165 for 4 second test, then drop to above 140 to hold.

Cooling is a whole different beast. The thing i miss most about the professionial kitchen is a large walkin cooler.. I know a lot of folks that cook up whole butts, and then toss em into the freezor, whole. Food has 6 hours to get from 140 (or cooking temp) to below 41. 4 hours to get to 70 and the other 2 to drop below 41. outside of that, then you risk it.

That being said... i've never gotten sick, or anyone else sick, off of some table top stored food. Especially if its been cooked or about to be. Food has to be "Out of the danger zone for 4 hours" to be considered PHF (Potential Hazardous Food). Now thats total time, not just at each stage of prep. However, when it doubt, feed it to the pooches.. or is it throw it out..?

18 years of dealing with health inspectors..gotta love em, cause ya can't smoke em..
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