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Default Qualifications to Make BBQ Sauce

I was at an open market today and there was a booth where a gentlemen was selling BBQ sauce of his creation. Being the fanatic I am I stopped over and asked about what kind of meat he smoked. What inspired him to make the sauce. etc.

He doesn't smoke meat. He grills it. He found that by combining two different commercial sauces and a little extra chili powder he had something he could bottle and sell. So I tried some. I'll give anyone a chance, though in my book he had two strikes against him. Litterally was KC Masterpiece with Chili powder.

We talked a little longer and he was thinking of making a smoker, but hadn't done it yet. I have to say I was disappointed. When I came back out of the world's most expensive grocery store he was there with a line waiting to buy it. I was a little disappointed by the commercialization of something. So it made me think, what qualifications do you need to make sauce?

Does it matter that you only grill? Is the purist approach wrong? I use commercial, but I enjoy playing with sauces and making my own. I admit I've used commercial sauces for a base to shorten the time. But I would never pass it off as my own. I always give my base rub recipes away for free because I just found them online and modified them. I don't give them the modifications perse, but never pass something off as my own if I didn't do it by myself.
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