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Default This doesnt make sense..

I've been trying to put a business plan together for a catering business. As I have gone through this process, I have found all kinds of hoops I have to go through from finding a commercial kitchen to work out of, to having to purchase a commercial refrigerator.
Here is where the confusion comes into play. Two BBQ joints that I know of, both have gone from sit down and take out to just take out joints located in old drive up coffee joints. These places are roughly maybe 3ft by 5ft joints, obviously not big enough for a commercial refridgerator or 3 sink and wash sink with all the things I'm being told I have to have in place for catering, not to mention a restaurant.
So how do these places do business and not have the same requirments that other restaurants or catering people have to have? Hope this makes sense. Ill try and swing by one of these places and take some pictures so you will get a visual of what I'm talking about. It's almost like the Home Depot hot dog guy selling dogs with only a cooler, BBQ and condiments. Hope this makes sense. Anyone know the diffrence in all of this??

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