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somebody shut me the fark up.
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One thing I learned from Poobah was that it'll take about six contests under your belt before things REALLY just kinda "click" and so forth. Damned if he wasn't right! He was actually dead on for us. We did well in our 5th (two 3rds) but felt a bit "off". Even though we got no calls (the GAB... 207 teams), we felt really "together" the next contest, our sixth. The seventh, we did awesome and finished 3rd out of 45 teams. We've gotten in 12 contests now and are still learning but I don't have to use a timeline like I used to. I just kinda got this internal clock thing going that says "Time to make the doughnuts". Oops... that was a commercial. Anyway, you get where I'm coming from I hope.
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