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Originally Posted by Quigley
ok, call me dense, I still don't understand how you don't get pockets of injection and needle marks. I once injected a turkey with Cajun injection and when I cut into the breast I would cut into pockets filled with spice and herbs. So you say this doesn't happen. I will be trying this out this weekend I quess.
Guys, it's all about using the right tool and the right technique. Number one on technique is pump it UP - don't skimp. Also, don't use worchestershire, cherry (or any red juice)juice, dark seasonings, etc. These will stain the meat. Don't worry about leakage - but don't blow it out either.

For brisket - inject ALONG the grain (or with the grain) - NOT across it. Really fill up the point and the area under the point where the flat slides up under there.

Then comes tools - the 2 and 4 ounce models are ok but for brisket, butts, turkeys, etc. try this bad boy in the picture. Works like a charm. It'll pump a brisket up like a football and pork butts look like regulation basketballs. It's available from Allied Kenco at

Now, your mileage may vary - me, I'll inject and see if I can't walk the stage a few times over the next few months.
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