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i didnt care for the Fab B at all. IMO, it changed the flavor of the beef. That may be a good thing to some, but it was just to intense for me. ( Jim, I know. Play for the judges, not myself). i tried injecting a few times with other stuff... jsut didnt seem to make such a difference. Hit the brisket right and take it off on time and it wont be dry.

****Added on edit*****.. i spent the weekend with dave klose a few weeks back. We went to a local butcher and got a prime rib. The beef down there had a totally different flavor from what i get up here.. The only way I can describe it is "beefier". I didnt care for it to much becase it was a little to intense.. this was the same reaction I had to Fab B when i injected it.. now, that may be what alot of people(or judges) like. But what im accoustomed to in the north seems to be different from other places.
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