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Originally Posted by Dale P View Post
Neil, how long will the EBO hold temps and how heavy is it? Can you get them in colors? How long does it take to get one shipped? Is anyone going to Sevierville have one that I can check out?

You guys are funny!
Holds temps great...unless the electricity goes out.

I'm only aware of a pink model. Real men wear pink anyway. That or you could spray paint pretty much anycolor you want.

Typically every Walmart, Target, Kids R Us in the world has them. I once saw them on sale at a Wally World. They had RACKS of them. I asked about buying a pallet of them, but really, the cost of the light bulbs was too prohibitive.

Shipping is usually 3 - 5 days. Comes secured in a sturdy foam box. Usually comes on a truck of some sort, often brown or white.

Kick, thanks for the chicken advice offer. I was definitely thinking of trying some marinated and injected. But I had forgotten about our old friend the brine. I might throw that in as well. If I can't find a marinade/injection I like I'll post for some advice. I'd like to experiment with some flavors first though to see what I can come up.

Buddy is doing a pork butt today. He wanted to see what would happen if he soaked it in applesauce all night. Should be interesting. I told him he might want to inject some too as I didn't know if that had enough kick to soak into the meat. But still, cool idea. Something I had never thought of.
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