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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Changed just that section:

- Here in SoTex, we have access to cheaper briskets. I watch for Prime full packers to go on sale and buy a couple of them at around $3 a pound.
- I shoot for somewhere in the 14-16 pound range, but have bought larger before.
- I will go through every brisket they have picking them out. I look for a brisket that has a thick flat and a thick point. It might make it more narrow, but less chance of drying out.
- I love a nice, floppy brisket. Grab it from one end and shake it up and down and see how "loose" the meat is. The last one I bought would easily fold over on itself and sit on the counter that way.
- I like to look at the side of the brisket where the grain ends. I like to see a nice marbling of fat, especially if it is of Prime quality.
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