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I am not a CBJ.

That chicken does not look burnt, to ME. I cook my chicken dark. So, based on others' feedback, I need to stop cooking chicken dark, as does your sister.

Most succesful chicken i get to see is quite 'glazed and shiney'. I will say this specimen looks a little 'uneven', in that the skin has pulled back, and there are portions right around the dark spot that appear merely 'barbecue sauced'.

For what it's worth, it looks good to me, I am pretty sure I would enjoy eating it.

/I am not a CBJ.

Originally Posted by Bentley
Frist let me say I have try to look at the rules and I think this is allowed, if not deleate it.

We are a competition team, my sister and mom came onboard about 4 years ago and my sister now cooks the chicken at contests. Having said that she and I ask for the Brethren's help. She ask me to post this. Bless her heart she is trying her best, and I just don't know what to tell her cuz chicken was right up there with brisket for me to overcome!

This is a ? mainly for the CBJ's, hope I am in the right area.

I quote "If you were judging this piece of chicken, would you think it was burned? Would you mark down on appearance because you thought it looked burned? Or maybe you don't think it is burned, just nicely done?


I am sure this does not need to be said but I will anyway, be brutaly honest. I will say she is at least getting the skin crispy!
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