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Originally Posted by watertowerbbq View Post
What's wrong with being the McDonalds of BBQ? They are a successful chain of fast food restaurants. Isn't the idea of being in the restaurant business to make money?

Actually, I know many restaurant owners would be in oppositional disagreement with you.

Personally I laughed at the first mention of McDonald's, and thought you were joking. Although McDonald's very well may be a successful "business" I am one who do not actually use the word "restaurant" when I think of them. FAST FOOD yes... a serious establishment of an eatery? Definitely not. Do I think that serious professional chefs would consider McD's a business model or goal to strive for? Hardly. McDonald's is a cartoon shell of what a restaurant should be, and in many ways is a philosophical dilemma of American culture. Do I eat at McDonald's? Yes, at times I do. Do I consider it a "restaurant" to strive to imitate besides perhaps financial gain? Never. Does my GF consider it a special date night if we grab something from there? Would I even strive to make a meal that would taste like one of theirs? Not on my worse day.

I know I am not alone on these thoughts, and many restaurant owners that I have known personally would be insulted if you compared them to McDonald's. Making money they would agree is nice, but it would not be "the reason" for their business. They say they are in the restaurant business because it is a passion that needs to be fulfilled.
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