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Originally Posted by chachahut View Post
Not meaning to start anything here, but if you're not making the rub, not making the sauce, buying the meat from a store (not raising & butchering it) & not growing the trees for the smoke wood - what exactly ARE you doing? Throwing some meat in the smoker for a few hours?

Seems to me if you want to sell BBQ to the masses it should actually be all YOURS.

To answer the questions, I make 6 stock house sauces & 2 rotating Sauce of the Moments plus 3 different rubs & have not used any sauce or rub I have not made myself for over 6 years.

Then again, I make a nice bit of change selling my sauces & rubs at the Hut.
Brother, I really thought you were trying to be funny here. I can make my own sauce and feel good about it, but I sure ain't going to feel like I'm not a "professional" because I don't raise my own pigs and cows. If you're not making every single ingredient in your restaurant, you're kinda/sorta being a hypocrite, aren't you? Just sayin'...
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