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I think Frank is correct that if you really want to do a singular job serving the best food that you possibly can, you really do need to control as much of the end product as you can. I disagree with him that you can't be a serious professional cook without doing that. In the end, if you are making money and have customers that enjoy the food you are serving, you are doing something right. There are some places where economy of scale and bulk production will put you in the best place for making money.

I disagree with the idea of minimizing the role of sauce, having seen a lot of BBQ places open and close, long term survival is a funtion of meat and sauce. The sauce has to be good enough that people want to eat it. For most, and by that, I mean probably approaching 75% or more folks, BBQ is about the sauce and the sauce alone. Overcooked meat and undercooked brisket served with lots of sauce. This is why many places serve 3, 4 or more sauces.

Frank I admire your commitment to your craft and business, but, I think there is a lot of room below that level of commitment for a BBQ place to make it. There are many restaurants that are using Cattleman's and other commercial service sauces as their house BBQ sauce.
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