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Originally Posted by chachahut View Post
Nope & if you want to be the McDonalds of BBQ - more power to you.

Not saying you have to be Farm to Table on this or grow your own smoker wood, but really - making sauce & rub is not exactly difficult. Plus you gain the benefit of selling your original rub & sauce as an added revenue stream. Finally - what happens if the commercial sauce you're using changes formula or is discontinued?

If you want to be a professional cook - be a professional & actually cook. That means making your own sauce & rub - not dumping it out of a can. All the ingredients for a great sauce or rub can be found at any Sam's Club, Costco or BJs. Just do it - your customers WILL appreciate it.
What's wrong with being the McDonalds of BBQ? They are a successful chain of fast food restaurants. Isn't the idea of being in the restaurant business to make money? If you buy raw meat, prepare it, cook it and sell it for a profit, regardless of the rub or sauce you use, you are a professional cook.

Now your points about the what if it becomes no longer available are valid and you have a couple of option. You can make your own or you can try and purchase the recipe from the person who came up with the original recipe. I've found that making my homeade rub costs me about 1/2 of what a commercially available rub costs. However, if I was a 1 person operation starting a catering truck, I may not have the time to devote to making rubs and sauces. Before you can start selling sauces to the public, you are going to have to get the packaging approved by the appropriate governmental department, have the food nutrition information determined, etc. The list goes on and on. That's a lot of extra money and time for someone starting out.

However, the notion that you are not a professional cook if you use a commercial sauce or rub is silly at best and condascending at worst. You can agree to disagree if you want.
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