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****Added on edit*****.. i spent the weekend with dave klose a few weeks back. We went to a local butcher and got a prime rib. The beef down there had a totally different flavor from what i get up here.. The only way I can describe it is "beefier". I didnt care for it to much becase it was a little to intense.. this was the same reaction I had to Fab B when i injected it.. now, that may be what alot of people(or judges) like. But what im accoustomed to in the north seems to be different from other places.
Ya hit on something here Phil. I read a while back it has to do with how meat is transported thru the US. Apparently the beef in TX, OK, and some of the other southwest states all goes thru oklahoma at some point where the feed changes. I'll see if I can find the article, but that would explain the difference in taste between a TX brisket and a NY brisket.
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