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Default Hmmm...

although I have to say I'm getting a little nervous thinking about a bunch of 8 year old kids running around a vat of hot oil
I think of the games and tourneys my son attends. Kids running around, soccer balls flying everywhere and I think maybe you are correct in having second thoughts. Now, if you can find an out of the way area to set up, go for it. During games, tourneys, etc charcoal grills are banned for the same reason. Even though it is a city park and they have charcoal grills set up, only gas is allowed during those events. Some parents take their RV and set up away from the general area and bring their cowboy woks, burners, fryers, smokers etc, but they are away from the larger crowd.

Or, some nicely marinated or seasoned wings on a gasser with maybe a wood chunk for some smoke, isn't a bad thing either. If you do go with the fryer, I also recommend using the smaller frying pot and strainer. It really is helpful. Lastly, have an oil fire rated extinguisher or two present.

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