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Got Wood.

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Well guys it has been slow this week on progress. I have been working a couple hours the past two days grinding out the paint on the inside of the drum. The fire only burned out the very bottom section of the drum. Didn't want it to get to hot and warp the barrel. Got all the parts I needed for the trailer from Harbor Freight which was fun. I printed off 4 25% off 1 item and handed them to my roommates and we walked in everyone with a different part: 2 tires, jack, lights. I also got all the parts I needed for the UDS. One question though is I couldn't find stainless steel bolts that were the right length or diameter at home depot so I bought aluminum nuts and bolts. You think that will be alright? I know not to use galvanized or zinc so I figured aluminum would be alright. Feed back would be great. Here is the drum 75% grinded out. I washed it out good with dawn and degreaser last night after this pic to see my progress better.

And here is what I'm using to grind it out.

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