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Originally Posted by chachahut View Post
Not meaning to start anything here, but if you're not making the rub, not making the sauce, buying the meat from a store (not raising & butchering it) & not growing the trees for the smoke wood - what exactly ARE you doing? Throwing some meat in the smoker for a few hours?

Seems to me if you want to sell BBQ to the masses it should actually be all YOURS.

To answer the questions, I make 6 stock house sauces & 2 rotating Sauce of the Moments plus 3 different rubs & have not used any sauce or rub I have not made myself for over 6 years.

Then again, I make a nice bit of change selling my sauces & rubs at the Hut.
frank, i can't say how much i appreciate, admire, and look up to your approach to BBQ, food, and serving to the public.

BUT, you did kind of allude to your opinion being it all must come from scratch or you're not really cooking.

basically, i just disagree.

i got more thoughts, but gotta go. will post again later.
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