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Thanks for the replies everyone. Not sure what the last one meant, but thanks none the less.

The party is set, I'll be doing pulled pork (pre cooking the day before and reheating due to smoker space) Moink balls, cloinks, ABT's, cole slaw, baked beans, and cornbread. Drinks will be lemonade, water, and keg beer, planning a 1/2 barrel of bud light and a 1/4 barrel of something good, with another 1/2 of bud on reserve just in case.

We are a small corporate company with good people and everyone is chipping in. Me and one co-worker are organizing this party and nobody even flinched when we mentioned that we might need donations to pull this off. I've even had people offer double the requested donation. We decided on $10/family for all you can eat/drink. I won't be having people go through a line, or have a list for collection, this will be strictly an honor system. I've been to at least 2 other parties of co-workers who had a party like this. So it may sound cheap, but it works for us I guess. Judging from the response I'm guessing that this will be 100-150 people including kids. s

The only hard part now is figuring out how much to cook with such a mix of people.
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