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The circuit has some of the best people I have ever met, and competitions are based on the honor system...I like to think that 99.9% of us are honorable men/women with integrity. I for one, would hate to win knowing it wasn't on a level playing field and within the rules. I think most competitors feel that way, and if someone doesnt, he has to sleep at night and look in the mirror the next day.

This was discussed to some extent mixed in with this thread...(recreational cooking/pre-rubbing meat)

Heres Rods responses:
Originally Posted by kcpettethead
I apologize if this has already been answered correctly, as I didn't read this entire thread. You are absolutely allowed to bring preseasoned meat and/or cooked meat to a contest. Your contest meat is separate. The inspector will only ask to see your competition meat. The organizers, reps, meat inspectors know that folks have parties on Friday night.

While we're on the topic though, let's be honest, if somebody wants to cheat, they can. There are always going to be ways to cheat. If it means that much to people, so be it. After all, they are the ones that have to live with themselves. There are too many good, honest people at barbecue contests to think that cheating is wide spread. I have met so many great folks cooking. Cheating or not, you still have to cook the stuff.

Go out and have a good time. Be friendly to the folks that pass by and be courteous to your neighbors. That's really what it's all about, isn't it?

Originally Posted by kcpellethead
As for the cheating comments, if I thought I saw someone cheating, I'd ask them about what I saw. If I knew for sure a team was cheating, I'd go find a rep or contest organizer. Although I don't make it a point to look for cheaters at contest, in the 80 or so contests I've cooked, I've never seen anyone doing anything that looked to be against the rules . . . .well, unless you count the guy that was seasoning his meat with his shirt off this past weekend. I don't really think he meant to break the rules, besides others seeing him that way was punishment enough . . . .LOL
So, bottom line.. i doubt it, dont believe it. There may someone out there that thought about some form of cheating, but once they hit the circuit, and see the integrity of the competitors i cant believe it would be done. This is about being the best, and beating the best, and most important, havng fun.. . Why go there if your going to cheat.?
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