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I recently decided to get rid of an old hot tub we have in the backyard. I was wondering how much it would cost to have it hauled off. My wife suggested I put it on Craigs List. I put in on there with pictures for $150.00. I got 8 emails from people wanting to buy it. It sold to the first guy that came over and he hauled it off!!
I went into the house to email the other intrested persons that it was no longer available. When I opened up my email I had a new one. About two weeks ago I had placed an ad offering to buy a Green Egg BBQ. I gave up hope of getting a response. Here it was, a large green egg!!
I called the woman back and she told me it was a large and had looked it up on the Website. She also had a table for it. She claimed retail was about $1200.00. I told her that I could get a new one at the Bay Area Eggfest for $599.00 and would she accept $250.00 for hers? She agreed and out the door I flew. When I got there I discovered it was a Medium. The table was for a large. I told her that I would only give her $200.00 for it unless she also threw in the MINI egg sitting next to it. She agreed since she is a vegetarian and they belonged to her dead husband.
Thank god for Craigs list!!!
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