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Originally Posted by motley que
When i made my eggs, i took the roll, cut in half and stuffed with cheeze. Obviously my seal wasnt real good, because as it cooked it opened up where I made the seal. That I should be able to fix.

here is my other problem. I took some jalepenos, and stuffed with cheddar and put in the middle of the fatty. I smoked it for a few hours until they were done. When I sliced them, the meat was done, the cheese was melted, but the jalepeno wasnt cooked at all. It was like biting into a piece of celery. I am used to the pepper being softer like when i make ABT's. any suggestions?
I've never had the crunchy jap as you described, but I don't use whole sausage logs either. The way I make them the sausage layer is about 3/8 inch thick, each jap wrapped individualy. The original armadillo eggs as I first learned from the book "Peace Love and Barbecue" use bratwurst sausages with the casing removed. I just like to mess around with different flavors.

Credit where credit is due: Brother Midnight first brought recipe to my attention.
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