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Thumbs up *** Brethren Member Map ***

New and improved for 2015

This is a self-service map. To add yourself please click on the link above. Once at the map page click on the Additions menu and then on either Add Marker - Simple or Add Marker - Detailed.

If using the Simple form just enter your Brethren User Name and you location. It's up to you how detailed you get but your city or town, or zip/postal code is probably close enough. When you are done click Submit. You will probably get a confirmation of your entry that will have a link that will allow you to edit your entry in the future. Save this link if you think you want to edit your info. I can also edit it for you.

The Detailed form give you the ability to add more info including a picture and a web site. If you are going to use the web site consider adding a link to your profile page here on the Brethren. When you are done adding your details click on Submit.

Viewing the map - The map itself is similar to Google maps. You can zoom in or out, drag to a location, etc. You can also use the View menu and then click on Show List to see a list of members. From the list you can click on a member name to see their location.

Viewing details - Mouse over a member's pin and you will see their Brethren User Name. Click on their pin and you will see their details.

It's pretty simple, but if you have questions please PM me. If you messed up and need your entry deleted or edited, PM me.

NOTE: The link above allows you access to the map menus. You can't change the base settings, but there are things there that could mess things up for others. Please don't mess with anything other than adding your entry.

Also, please don't give this link out to anyone outside of the Brethren. Is you want someone who is not a Brethren member to see the map please use this link...

This will allow someone to view the map but not make any additions or changes.
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