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Start with the liquid ingredients FIRST. Aretha Franklin, Billy Ocean, Frank Sinatra, Sir Duke, Billy Dee Williams etc, the really watery stuff. DO NOT put in your Fred Wesleys, Sly Stone or Family Stones in at this stage.

Bring thin liquids to a mother popcorn first and give them the HeatWave with the SPICES first and for only 3rd of a Fifteen Minute Man. This infuses the spices and makes them funky in your funky stank thang. You do not want to leave at a popcorn for too long or it will evaporate.

Next add your Little Richards, your James Browns but not your Jackie Wilsons, Aunt Jemima's, your Taste of Honey, Grace Jones, Moms Mabley or nuthin at this stage either. The point is to get James or Little Richard to melt into the nectar of spices and liquids you made.

This needs to come down to a Phillip Bailey so you can add your Wesley's and your Sly or family stone at this time. Make this funky, close the high hat up and back off your mic for a while.

The final additions of your pectin based funk should be added last. Jackie, jams, jellies, jamimas and joo joos can be added last.

Once this is done, so sauce is complete unless you gave it time to break out in a cold sweat.
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