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Not scolding and not irritated.
Ask Stacey how I am when I am either of those
You simply questioned the technique of others and do not seem really open to other methods.
That's all.

That said, what are the very good reasons for fat cap down? Never tried it (and like injecting a brisket, probably never will) but I'm curious as to why it is done.
Fat Cap Up--trying to build bark on fat. Fat renders off of and drips around meat and can actually wash off some or all of the rub on the sides and bottom. It does not render through the meat but around it. Bottom bark side is on grates and exposed directly to higher heat.

Fat Cap Down--fat cushions meat from source of heat (normally coming up). Top bark is free to cook and develop.

Either way works fine--as I said your choice.
There are folks that actually "flip" the meat at the half-way point.
That is fine for them also.

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