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Knows what a fatty is.
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If you are happy with your results--that is great.
A lot of us cook fat cap down for some very good reasons and we like that.
Some of us inject for some very good reasons and we like those results also.

I would never call another cooks methods wrong.
Especially when the dudes putting out the info make a living cooking.
They are a lot better cooks than me and I listen intently when they advocate something. If it makes any sense at all, and is within my capability, I try it.
Make up my own mind--objectively.

No single right way to Que.
That is what makes it so much fun.


Scolding mod? Unreal.

Now back to BBQ:

Fat cap down?!?! Holy Mother of Pearl!!! Are you insane? <--Sarcasm mod. Don't get (re)bent out of shape.

That said, what are the very good reasons for fat cap down? Never tried it (and like injecting a brisket, probably never will) but I'm curious as to why it is done.

Also, while I am a Texas (6th generation) and very set in my ways, I have learned a lot from this site. (Putting meat in a cooler, for example -- I used to wrap it in a towel). That was the first time I had ever heard of injecting a brisket (turkey and hog, yes, but never a brisket--then again, the culprits weren't from "around here"). So I asked on this site (where a lot of folks here know what they're doing and others are learning) to find out how common the practice was. I expressed my opinion and stick by it. You expressed yours (essentially that I am an arse for expressing mine). I think I'm pretty cool. I like me. But differences of opinion make for good discussion. Otherwise we all just stand around nodding our heads.

God bless Texas and the other 49 states. :D
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