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Originally Posted by Sawdustguy
This is my opinion right or wrong. I thought that an entry was to be judged on appearance, taste and texture. If an entry has a pleasant and appetizing appearance, tastes wonderful and has proper texture why the hell would it not score well, wether it is pulled, chopped or served as slices?
I think you've hit the nail on the head, so to speak... What is the proper texture for brisket? Sliced, chopped or pulled, the texture (and tenderness) is different. All are allowable turn-ins, and each has its own perfect texture, so I think each should be judged as it is tunred in. If a judge gets chopped brisket, judging the texture and tenderness as if it were slices isn't appropriate to me.

Of course, I've never been through a judging class, so my opinion may not be of value...
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