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Default Chicken and Chicken (quick pr0n)

Recently, I've been made aware by my doctor () that I should be living healthier, if I intend to enjoy being alive longer.
Now, don't get me wrong, we eat plenty of lean meats and whole grains in our house but, I also have a weakness for pig fat. So, this means I have to cut back on the Scotch Eggs, Fatties, Bacon wrapped, and Bacon stuffed things.
Because of my new "healthier" kick. I figured I would share a couple of the things I made last week.

The dark pieces of meat were dark meat chicken... from a cow.
Okay, I made sure to only have one of the beef fajitas but, it was lean beef! Mine were rather scaled back with a lack of sour cream and barely any cheese but, the veggies and meat totally rocked this meal.

Applewood smoked/grilled Chicken Alfredo with Whole Grain Penne.

The chicken was supposed to be initially grilled but, I was having some charcoal issues so it ended up getting smoked with a bit of grilling at the end. The Alfredo sauce was not a "light" version but, it was used very sparingly. This was a great meal. The funny thing about it is that I made it but we had to leave for my daughter's soccer practice. I quick dumped the plates into mugs and through the green beans on top of the pasta. It tasted awesome and I got my kids to eat all their veggies without complaining.
The battle of the "new healthier me" shall continue but, if it always tastes this good, I could get used to it.
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